Unico High Velocity


Pioneer and Industry Leader in SDHV systems

High Velocity vs Conventional Forced Air

The Unico System fits where conventional systems and high-wall units can’t, while offering:

  • The same cooling power as conventional systems three times its size
  • Whisper-quiet performance
    Even air distribution throughout your home
  • Up to 30% lower humidity, for greater comfort at higher temperatures

With a reduction in humidity of up to 30%, the Unico System for heating and cooling offers a significant advantage due to its compact size. It is considerably smaller than traditional HVAC systems, which eliminates the requirement for unattractive soffits and large, noisy registers. Additionally, it provides homeowners and HVAC contractors with the desired whisper-quiet and draft-free even temperatures, making it a popular choice nationwide.

Seamless Integration

If you have invested significant effort in renovating your vintage house or if you and your architect are challenging conventional design norms to build your unique home, you wouldn’t want the installation of central air conditioning and heating to affect the meticulously crafted aesthetics. And we agree with you on that.

The Unico System was developed to address the needs of homeowners seeking a cost-effective cooling and heating solution for older houses or new constructions. This highly efficient system can be seamlessly integrated into existing structures or incorporated into new designs without the hassle of extensive renovations or disruptive ductwork installations. With minimal mess, reduced dust, and shortened installation time, reducing the amount of renovation needed for your home.

Cooling Solutions
Designed to give you the comfort and efficiency of central air conditioning without compromising the integrity of your home.

Heating Solutions
For central heating installation in your home, the Unico system is the perfect solution.

With or Without Ductwork
Where other HVAC systems can’t fit, the Unico System can. It’s simply because whether your home has pre-existing ductwork or not, Unico’s flexible tubing fits.

Outdoor Units
The Unico System works with virtually any outdoor unit brand.

Radiant Systems
The Unico System can also be used as to supplement radiators or as a partner to in-floor radiant systems.

Smart Thermostats
With amazingly flexible design systems, Unico is able to integrate with the most efficient geothermal and heat pumps, as well as smart home thermostats.

Commercial and Residential

The Unico System offers a compact, noise-reducing, and comfortable alternative to traditional air distribution systems. This makes it an ideal choice for various settings, including both commercial warehouses and residential properties.